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Lo-Bak Trax™

…safe and effective way to help get relief from back pain!Easy-to-use, portable device uses dual traction to decompress the spine and discsJust lie on your back, pull up your feet and push!It's designed to provide relief from some of the most common causes of back pain: spinal stenosis, herniated…


Hurricane Spin Broom

Dust & debris don’t stand a chance against the Hurricane Spin Broom®!Cordless, lightweight spinning broom cleans wet or dry messes with easeLonger bristles make it a breeze to clean hard-to-reach placesIncredible maneuverability thanks to its revolutionary swivel steeringCleans hard…


Better Brella or Compact Better Brella

…vehicle or home without fumbling or getting your clothes or floors wet, as with regular umbrellasA wind diffuser feature helps weather gusty winds and blowing rainWhen open, each design shows black on top and the color on the insideHas ergonomic 32L" handleCanopy measures 41-1/2W" open

$14.95 to $19.99

Gotham Steel™ 10-Pc. Cookware

Gotham Steel™ 10-Pc. pot set makes cooking easier than ever before!This 10-Pc. Set includes a 8½”-Diam. fry pan, 10¼"-Diam. fry pan with lid, 1½-qt. and 2½-qt. covered saucepans, 5-qt. covered stockpot and a stainless steel steamer insertNo oil or butter…

$99.99 to $119.95

Copper Chef Square Pan Set or Cookbook

…plateYou'll get fast, even cooking with no hot spots, plus you can cook without oil or butterPerfect for all cooking surfaces—use it on the stovetop or even in the oven!Each pan is heat resistant up to 850°An ergonomic handle is riveted to each pan for easy graspingMade of ceramic…

$19.95 to $59.95

Wonder Arms

Target and tone in just minutes a day!The Wonder ArmsTM system is a fun and easy workout that’s gentle on your jointsIts unique, dynamic smooth-gliding resistance movement works your triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest and backStrengthen and tone those trouble areasPadded arm rests make for a…


Deep Green Stain Remover

…natural—no dyes, perfumes or harsh chemicalsMade with naturally rejuvenating coconut oilThe magic of Deep Green is in its balance of conditioners and softenersCan be used as a gel concentrate or diluted with hot water to make a cleaning solution16 oz. tub of concentrateMade in the USA


Climb Cart™

Don't be afraid to take the stairs just because you have things to carry!Innovative pivoting six-wheel design makes climbing stairs easyThe all-terrain wheels glide easily over any surface—indoors or out!Just attach the jumbo carrying bag to the cart and load your itemsEffortlessly…


HurriClean™ Toilet Cleaner

…tankLet it foamFlush to cleanIts powerful cyclonic foaming action scours away stains and bacteriaPrevents mold and mildew for a cleaner flush every timeEliminates hard water and mineral deposits, tooUse once per month or as neededPhosphate-free formula is septic safeSet of three packets/treatments


Flex Seal Liquid

…in a can!You can easily fill cracks or holes—just brush on, roll, dip or pourIt dries quickly to form a watertight sealThe coating is super strong, flexible and rubberizedPrevents rust and corrosion and is paintable too!Use on tools, sports gear, RVs, roofs, gutters, basements, pools and…


Night Angel

…less than 10 cents of energy per year!Install in seconds—snaps right into place, no wiring or batteries requiredA light sensor turns lights on or off automaticallyKeeps your other outlets unblocked for use and stays cool to the touchAvailable in either a "Decor" or "Duplex"…


Copper Crisper

…come out deliciously crisp and free of the greasy oil from deep fryingGreat for use on a grill, tooThe nonstick baking sheet holds crumbs, drips and splattersThe baking sheet can also be used alone, as wellHeat resistant up to 850ºF12¾"W x 2"H x 9½"D