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Egglettes™ let you make hard-boiled eggs without the shell!Just crack raw eggs into these egg-shaped silicone pods, place in boiling water for a few minutes, and pop out your perfectly cooked egg!Eggs will be perfectly cooked every time, with no messy shells to peel!Makes hard-and soft-boiled…


Flex Desk™

…Surface Into The Ideal Workspace!It's a snap finding just the right angle, height or position for working, reading or relaxingThe desk can be used as a laptop/iPad desk, bed tray, book or e-reader stand and more!Flip up tabs at the front of the desk prevent objects from slidingSurface of desk is…


Copper Chef Electric Egg Cooker

Copper Chef® Perfect Egg Maker circulates steam to cook eggs perfectly every time—no fats or oils needed! Simply add water to cook up to 14 soft or hard-boiled eggs at onceCrack eggs into the included insert trays for omelets, eggs Benedict or poached eggsEgg-Right technology circulates…


Better Brella or Compact Better Brella

…vehicle or home without fumbling or getting your clothes or floors wet, as with regular umbrellasA wind diffuser feature helps weather gusty winds and blowing rainWhen open, each design shows black on top and the color on the insideHas ergonomic 32L" handleCanopy measures 41-1/2W" open

$14.95 to $19.99

Red Copper® 5-Minute Chef

Cook an entire meal in 5 minutes or less!Faster than preheating the oven, 5-Minute Chef cooks meals, snacks & desserts evenlyJust fill, close & cook!Make a whole omelet in minutes—no folding required!Infused with 100% copper and anti-scratch technologyDurable, wipe-clean nonstick…


Perfect Pizza & Crisper Pan Set

Thin crust, deep dish, stuffed crust—make perfect pizza right at home!The Copper Chef™ double-sided nonstick pan utilizes a 360º air crisp technology to evenly cook food above and belowMake deliciously crisp pizzas without using any oil or butter3-Piece sets include a double-sided…

Sale: $14.99

MagicBax™ Two-Pair Set

…dangling styles—safely and comfortably!These hypoallergenic lifters easily attach to earrings—just slide them onto each earring post as you would with any standard earring backThey’re great for stretched lobes and bad piercings, too!Two-pair set (1 pair. sterling silver, 1 pair…


Metal Garden Hose

The original MetalTM Garden Hose—tough as nails, yet gentle on your garden!Ultra-flexible, kink-resistant metal hose is made of spiral-plated 304 stainless steel that is virtually indestructibleRust-, puncture-, tear-, vehicle-, even dog chew-proof!Lightweight hose coils easily and remains…

$24.95 to $59.95

Full Crystal

Fuller® Full Crystal™ gets it all crystal clean! Fuller® Full Crystal™ includes a specially engineered sprayer bottle filled with concentrated crystals to blast through dirt and grime in a flashSimply attach the sprayer bottle to any garden hose, then spray and rinseIt’s…

$9.95 to $19.95

Baseboard Buddy ®

Stop bending to clean baseboards & moldings!Handy back-saving cleaning tool traps and lifts dust and dirtHandle extends to 60" L so you can reach up high and down low without stretching or bendingFlex-head design conforms to the shape of any baseboard or molding360° swivel action lets…

$14.95 to $21.95
Sale: $7.99 to $14.99

Climb Cart™

Don't be afraid to take the stairs just because you have things to carry!Innovative pivoting six-wheel design makes climbing stairs easyThe all-terrain wheels glide easily over any surface—indoors or out!Just attach the jumbo carrying bag to the cart and load your itemsEffortlessly…

Sale: $29.99

AB Doer 360

Take a seat and burn calories & build muscle! Ab Doer 360™ combines ab toning, muscle shaping, calorie burning and a heart-pumping cardio workout—all with 1 easy-to-do 360º movement!Tighten your core, improve flexibility & promote a stronger back from a comfortable seated…